Duuns is a rock band


Duuns is a psychedelic rock band, birthed in the far northern reaches of San Diego county. Initially christened with the name Matcha in 2016, Duuns is the musical machine piloted by Mikey Sykes, Nathan Gentry, Marc Montez, and Luke Cottrell.  

Wholly embracing their amateur roots, a do-it-yourself attitude, and throwing aside traditional practices and protocol, no members stick to an assigned instrumental role, and their recordings are crafted and produced  themselves. Their songs move from warm, shimmering, and welcoming, to jamming manic darkness, covered in fuzz and feedback, dripping with schizophrenic echoes of shouts and whispers, but always holding on to an incessant groove. There is a heritage of music within them, consumed in a strange brew of the frenetic energy of early Pink Floyd, the pulsing and mechanical kraut-rockers CAN, the drones of Spacemen 3, and the timeless song-craft of the Rolling Stones and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

More than just a band, they are explorers of sound and art, and they change directions, sounds, and styles as they see fit. They seek to represent a community of artists and creative people working together to develop culture, and deeply connect, impact, and inspire people in an era that needs it more than ever.